Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Best of 2012

For Christmas, my mom gave me a two day photo class run by Nikon.  I haven't sat in anything resembling a lecture in over eight years so I wasn't sure how two full days would be for me.  Turns out, class is WAY MORE FUN when it's on a topic you love!  It was seminar style which I think was a great place to start - no fear of being called out in front of everyone (basically my biggest fear.  Ever.).

While I knew a lot of the material from my high school and college photography classes, I learned a ton too.  I'm proud to say that I've never allowed myself to forget the basics but will readily admit that I am using the crutch of instant results to be pretty lazy.  Learning on film forces you to think about light and composition and a million other factors; not seeing the results until you have developed the film adds a whole different dynamic that we don't get with digital.  While I technically know what I should be concentrating on and when, it's so easy to forget when you're clicking away with basically zero ramifications besides the time it will take to get through all your images.  I'm excited to take my new and old knowledge, apply it, and make it habit over the next few months...and take the leap into more workshops and classes!

I decided that it was time to get my three year old MacBook Pro into some sort of organized place (PC girl at heart, I can barely do anything on my Mac, it's pathetic.).  Most of that had to do with putting images in folders that made sense but I also got excited about creating two "Best of" albums; one for 2011 and one for 2012.  While that might a little over the top, 2011 was such an incredible year of travel for me, it seemed silly to not do one for that year as well.

So here is 2012 in a nutshell.  There are a few repeats on here but I tried to find some that haven't seen the light of day in a while!  If this task showed me anything it's that I didn't shoot enough in 2012 - New Year's resolution has been found!  I'm sure these aren't my technically best shots but they are some of my favorites.  Warm summer days sipping wine and celebrating engagements, weddings and babies galore, winter hikes and trips around the world, I certainly feel lucky to have had so many incredible experiences.  While 2012 had many many lows, these pics remind me of all the great times I had too. 

First full summer with Dad's homemade sail boat

Colleen & Tom 5.18.12

Katie & Dave 6.30.12

Meghan & Marc get engaged 7.7.12

Calling everyone who couldn't be there for the surprise proposal and subsequent party...love how pretty Meg's eyes are in this one!

Late night shenanigans

Audra snapped the proposal moment!

Fall engagement pics in Charlestown

It was a long couple of hours...

Couldn't resist one of Hannah & Ben
A happy little camper waiting for Mom to finish the bride's hair!

Lisbon, Portugal - September 2012

A not serious engagement pic...!

Being a tourist with Daniela!

The Algarve, southern coast of Portugal 

New Orleans for my 30th birthday!

Ring bearer at Erin & Kevin's wedding

More wedding fun

The littlest Stack!
Classes of NYA '00, '02, '05 and beyond!

Winter walk at the Giant Stairs in Harpswell, Maine

Annndddd a few iPhone pics because let's be real, that's my real every day camera.

Summer nights in Cutchogue, Long Island, NY

Street band in New Orleans

May weekend in Provincetown, MA

Summer thunder storm on the ferry between CT and the North Fork of Long Island

Truax's 30th birthday

Summer days on the North Fork

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