Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jaimie & Beck: Save the Date!

When Jaimie and Beck and their wedding photographer couldn't quite find a time this fall that worked for everyone's schedule for some engagement/Save the Date photos, they asked me to take some.  We went up to our family's camp in Martinsville, Maine, just outside of Port Clyde, one mid-October weekend and did a quick shoot with the sun setting behind the islands.  While they will still have a real engagement session with their real photographer, I like to think I got them a little warmed up!

Couldn't choose just one sunset silhouette shot...

 And a few more from a brisk Sunday morning walk!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Myers Family 2014

I have been so lucky to have a handful of families (and friends!) return for another fall photo shoot.  Last fall I visited Brad and Christie and baby Greyson at their Southie home, them adjusting to life with a baby, me just getting this photog thing going.  This year Greyson is 16 months old, never slowing down with his parents trying to remember to never take their eyes off him.  On Saturday morning when I was getting ready to see them all, I realized I've known Brad for 20 years now - I can only imagine what our 7th grade selves would have said had we known we'd be here today!

What started out as a freezing and windy Saturday morning turned into a blue sky beauty. Greyson is going through a major dog love phase and his attention was firmly everywhere but the camera at the park!  We managed to keep him happy long enough to get them a Christmas card winner and to document this very hectic time in their lives.

Much love to you guys, many many thanks for having me again!

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Williams Family 2014

If you've been following along for a bit you may remember the Williams family from last October as one of my first family shoots. Little man Gavin has spent the last year getting cuter.  And running and talking and growing.  And getting cuter.  Those big blue eyes are certainly going to be lining up the ladies someday!

The four of us (plus my lovely ex-roommate and Emily's bff from college, Amy) met up downtown on a spectacular fall morning, bright and early with the runners and tourists.  We were entertained by Gavin running up and down the Comm Ave. mall, striking a pose for the camera and being the easiest of subjects.

Thank you, Williams family for letting me spend some of your Saturday with you! I love watching you guys grow as a family and look forward to more fun in the future!

PS see you at the Rise and Rumble: Donut Throwdown this weekend!!!