Saturday, October 26, 2013

Meet: The Williams Family

Family shoot #2 last weekend was with the Williams family in East Boston.  Emily and Craig both attended my alma mater, our beloved Union College and while I didn't really know them when we were students, I got to know them in our post college years living in Boston.  Emily and I work at competing companies while Craig is a pastry chef at the ever popular Post 390 in downtown Boston.  They are a sweet little family of three, Gavin at the age where sitting still certainly isn't his preference!

There are neighborhoods in Boston that I never get to and besides the airport, East Boston definitely falls into that category.  I hadn't really seen them since they welcomed little Gavin a year and a half ago so it was fun to catch up on a spectacular fall afternoon by the water, the city skyline in the background.

Emily and Craig, thank you so much for letting me come hang out with your family, I had a blast!

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