Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Meet: The Stack Family

Even though it makes me feel a little old, I love thinking about how long I've known the people in my life.  When I think back on my first few experiences at my new middle school, I remember meeting Kate.  She and her bff, Amy, had matching hacky sack key chains on their sneakers (something they both deny, something I remember perfectly) and they were most obviously going to be my friends, if for no other reason than we were all new to school.  That was in 1993 and 21 years later, I'm happy to say we're still friends (though thankfully, no hacky sacks).

Kate and Brian married in 2008, had little Gwen in December of 2012 and are expecting baby boy Stack later this summer.  Gwen is a chit-chatty 2.5 year old, excited to explore and jump and climb.  We had a bit of a rushed afternoon in Kettle Cove, Cape Elizabeth on an absolutely stunning late spring/early summer day but these three are easy to photograph whether we have an hour or an entire day!

Kate and Brian, thanks so much for letting me spend the afternoon (and evening!) with you guys, I can't wait to meet your newest addition!  xoxo

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