Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Birthday Memories

Six months and two days later, it's the day that would have been Truax's 31st birthday.  Initially I thought I wanted to write a full length post but it's pretty simple really.

I'm thankful that I was there to help celebrate Kate's 30th birthday a year ago last weekend.  I'm thankful the weather was beautiful and we could be up on a roof deck overlooking all of DC.  I'm thankful that we stayed out late even though I really (really) didn't want to.  I'm thankful we picked crabs for dinner the next night followed by Mrs. Truax's coconut cake in Baltimore.  But more than anything, I'm thankful that her last birthday was a healthy and most importantly, happy one.

I just wish I had taken some pictures.

Miss you dearly, Kate. 

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