Friday, May 10, 2013

Showering the bride-to-be!

Back in October I shot engagement photos for Meghan and Marc in Charlestown.  As we approach their wedding in July there are of course lots of milestones to hit along the way.  My invite and subsequent RSVP were in the mail this week, the bachelorette party is planned for early June and the final dress fittings are scheduled.

I was privileged to have a ton of (much appreciated) help in throwing Meg's bridal shower a couple of weekends ago.  Her mom, Shannon, opened up her gorgeous house in Portland while Doll and Cindy, Shannon's two best friends from childhood, took on everything from food to favors to linens.  I was in charge of dessert, invitations and getting everyone there which was nothing compared to what these ladies pulled off!

It was a casual nautical themed affair complete with a chocolate fountain, candy bar and custom napkins and table cloths sewn by Shannon and Cindy.  Shannon successfully recreated a seafood centerpiece that she had seen at a party in LA and Doll organized the thank you gifts.  We ate and drank and chatted, cooed over new baby Kiara and successfully turned the quiet shower into a full out dance party that lasted until after midnight.

I may or may not have napped around 9pm...

Meg, I hope you had a great time, 64 days and counting until the big day!!!  xoxo


  1. Love these, and especially love all the color!! Also, where did those huge apothecary jars come from?? I need some. Love you and your beautiful pictures!! XO

    1. Thank you, dear! The jars came from Home Goods, Jaim and I spent about an hour one Saturday morning trying to decide which ones to buy. None of them were more than $15!