Sunday, September 21, 2014

Married: Anna & Joe 09.06.14

September in Maine can be a bit fickle - you're just as likely to have a glorious summer day as a chilly fall one.  Anna and Joe had a relative of the former for their lakeside wedding in the form of tropical heat and humidity all day with dark clouds threatening all afternoon in the lead up to their 5pm (outdoor) ceremony.  While there were some brief showers during their first look, the ceremony stayed dry and the real rain only started as we finished the family formals.  The cocktails were moved inside but the rain cleared out the humidity and Anna and Joe hosted a fabulous party for their friends and family.

Joe proposed to Anna on the top of a mountain in New Hampshire in May.  As in a little more than three months ago.  The original plan?  A wedding sometime in 2015.  The quick change of plans?  Wedding in early September 2014.  The best part?  You'd never know they put it together in less than two months when they pushed up the date.

They are an active and outdoorsy couple (see: mountaintop proposal) so the Alden Camps was the perfect venue to celebrate their semi-long awaited union.  Many guests stayed onsite in cabins that ring East Pond which really created a campus-like feel to the event. Everything was so well put together, a family friendly event with lots of personal touches along the way.

As a photographer, they were a dream.  They took everything we talked about beforehand to heart, asking me about light and location and timing throughout the afternoon and evening.  I even had a place setting at dinner which is basically the nicest thing I can think of as a hired hand.  The evening was filled with laughs and dancing and apparently a few keg stands after I left!

Anna and Joe, thank you so much for having me shoot your day.  Though we've spent some time together before, I left your wedding feeling like I truly had two new friends.  I hope your time in Maine was relaxing and restful and that you're basking in your newlywed bliss!

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