Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Meet: The Bucchere Family

Kathryn and I have really only known each other for a few years but we sort of go way back: we both grew up on the coast of Maine, we both spent our formative years at the one and only Union College AND we have both spent the last +/- 10 years working at EF Education.  As far as I'm concerned, this family shoot was meant to be.

Kathryn and Anthony welcomed twin boys Jack and Henry just about two years to the week that we met up on a beautiful Sunday morning to take some family photos.  Full disclosure: the idea of having twins terrifies me.  Kathryn and Anthony make it look easy with a capital E. Through some laughs but a whole lot of tears, these two were never phased, just pushing through to the next activity with promises of snacks and juice.  Between the boys in skinny jeans, those brilliant blue eyes and a pit stop for donuts, this was a lovely way to spend my Sunday morning!

Kathryn and Anthony, I will never forget the look on your faces or the sheer panic in your voices when you spotted Henry going straight for that poop (my only regret being that I stopped shooting out of concern that someone was dying!).  Your hysterical laughter afterwards was my personal favorite moment of the day.  Anthony, you were a really great sport all morning, many thanks for making my job easy!  Enjoy some of my favorite shots of the Bucchere family!

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