Sunday, October 26, 2014

Meet: The Kogler Family

After a week of torrential downpouring rain, I headed to hang out with the Kogler family on Saturday morning.  Another referral from the ever appreciated Abby, Lydia and her family were such a fun group to spend the morning with!

Two year old Jack was a bundle of energy, his brilliant blue eyes peering out from his teal glasses and eight month old Caroline was an absolute doll, not to mention such a good sport when her big brother continued to tackle her while we attempted to get a shot of them together!  With all the rain over the last few days there were plenty of wet knees and grass stains but it was smiles across the board all morning. Lydia's mom came over to grab a few shots with her adored grandchildren - listening to everyone refer to Caroline as Keylime (Jack's chosen nickname for her) was the cutest detail to documenting their family.

Lydia, Jordan, Jack and Caroline, you made my Saturday morning!  Thank you for having me, I hope you enjoy!

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