Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Meet: The Hutyra Family

Lucy, Bob and little man Quinn came to me via Abby & Co., Quinn being a part of Charlotte's kiddo group.  These guys introduced me to Stonehurst, a beautiful stone house and grounds that can be rented for a wedding or used for free for it's wooded walking trails.  Lucy mentioned that while she was on maternity leave they would walk the trails during the day.  She often saw other families doing photos there and she always wanted to do the same some day - such a privilege for me to help make that happen!

Quinn is a pretty typical two year old - running in circles, never too far away from his stuffed dog, Ruff, and always down for a kettle corn bribe.  We had so much fun watching the pine needles 'snow' from the trees above while (successfully!) talking Quinn into two outfit changes.  His new word of the week was 'Massachusetts' and this helped spawn many many camera-friendly smiles.  All in all, I'd say it was a huge success!

Lucy, Bob & Quinn, I had a ball with you guys and am thrilled I got to help make the bow tie/newsboy hat dream come true!  Thanks again for letting me spend some of your weekend with you!

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