Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Meet: The Macklin Family

A couple of Saturdays ago I spent a lovely Saturday morning with Laura and Justin and their four month old, Parker, down in Hingham.  On our drive out to World's End to take some family shots, I remarked on how many things have changed since our earlier days of weekend bar hopping and hangovers - we had all been up for quite a few hours, were driving in the suburbs in an SUV with an infant in the back and NPR on the radio. And we were all quite happy about it.  I think we can officially claim adulthood.  

Laura and Justin went to college with Meghan (of Meghan and Marc) and Laura was my co-MOH for their wedding last summer.  I've watched these two go from college couple to married couple to suburban homeowners to thrilled parents over the past 10ish years.  Having celebrated their five year wedding anniversary over the previous weekend it was the perfect time to celebrate their new addition to the family.

To say that I couldn't wait to shoot Parker is an understatement.  I hadn't met her yet but had seen so many iPhone pics and knew that she'd make my job incredibly easy.  Justin had to leave for an annual golf tournament but that just left us time to go through numerous wardrobe changes until Parker had had it with us!  My sister, having been one of Laura's roommates what feels like a hundred years ago, joined in the fun and we had a ball.  When I was editing the shoot (and writing this post for that matter), I literally couldn't delete half of the shots as Parker is just so happy and photogenic!  Oh and please note the incredible hair situation she has going on.

Laura, Justin & Parker (and Chunk!), I had such a great morning with you all!  Many many thanks for having me down to your new home, I can't wait for next time!

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